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Greetings! Meet Nikè (pronounced Ni-kay), although to many she’s Katrina. Nikè received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification in 2019. Nikè initially began her yoga journey early on during her days as an undergraduate student at Valdosta State University. As life began to change, so did her practice. With the journey into adulthood, establishing a career, and starting a family, Nikè’s yoga practice seemingly found a backseat. It wasn't until the unexpected transmigration of her youngest brother that forced her back to the mat. As a result, she learned to develop a mindfulness practice and an understanding of LIFE. 

In 2022, Katrina added quite a few new certifications to her yoga resume'. Katrina completed her yoga certification in prenatal yoga, yin yoga, yoga for athletes, and 300-hour yoga teacher training. 

Katrina is currently pursuing certification as a yoga therapist through the Pranayoga Institute of Yoga and Holistic Health (C-IAYT). 

Her inspiration to teach yoga, came from watching her father practicing and speaking on the many facets of yoga and meditation. 


When teaching, Nikè hopes to create a safe space for each individual. It is her goal to bring a sense of balance, love, as well as a mental and physical discipline that can be implemented into the daily lives on and off the mat.


Nikè welcomes all levels to partake in a harmonious experiences with the South/Middle Georgia and online Community. Ashe`

To read more about me, click on the following link.  Voyage ATL Magazine.

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